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The Best Food for a Graduation Party

Graduation is a life-changing event. Whether you’re leaving high school for college or are about to enter the real world after years of education, it is a day to celebrate. At Colony Diner, we believe that milestones should be honored with great food. Want to impress your guests among a dozen other graduation parties this…

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Tips for Cooking for a Crowd

When summer arrives, do you find yourself hosting frequent dinner parties and backyard BBQs? Some of us love to have other people in our home for a big meal, whereas others with less experience may become easily stressed. If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to cook for large crowds! We offer 7 quick…

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Why Are My Knives No Longer Sharp?

How often do you cook at home? According to the United States Healthful Food Council, Americans spend half of their food budget at restaurants. For those of us who tend to prepare meals more often than going out, you may notice your knives becoming less and less sharp. While it is true that overuse will…

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