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Ultimate Vegan Meals

Being vegan is more than just a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Veganism excludes all animal products including meat, eggs and dairy. There are many health benefits that come along with this way of eating. As you tend to consume more fruits and vegetables, you intake a lot of key vitamins and minerals! Are you looking…

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What’s the Impossible™ Burger?

At Colony Diner, we proudly offer vegan and gluten-free options! Our recently expanded vegan menu now features plant-based versions of classic diner favorites, including the patty melt, macaroni and cheese, pancakes and burgers. As the plant-based burger has grown in popularity this year, we’ve added this choice to our vegan selections! What exactly is the…

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How to Make Your Favorite Comfort Foods Vegan

When fall arrives, it’s time for homestyle dinners that warm you from the inside, out! Many favorite “comfort foods” served this time of year have two commonalities: Meat and cheese. Whether you’re a practicing vegan or trying to cut back on meat, you don’t have to eliminate casseroles from your diet to enjoy an indulgent…

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Vegan Dessert Ideas for a Party

In today’s culinary world, when you bite into a cupcake or cookie, you may be surprised to learn you’re eating a vegan dessert. Veganism is a plant-based lifestyle that excludes the consumption of all meat and dairy products. So, you may be wondering how it’s possible to make dessert without common ingredients like eggs and…

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What Are The Benefits Of a Vegan Diet?

We understand the importance of having a diverse menu to accommodate dietary needs. Recently, we updated our menus to include gluten-free and vegan options. Veganism is a strictly plant-based lifestyle that abstains from any cruelty to animals. Although only three percent of Americans identify as vegan, there are many benefits. Why should you consider veganism?…

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What’s On the Menu: Healthy Vegan Options

Colony Diner has recently added new vegan options to our extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu! Whether you practice veganism for ethical, health reasons or environmental reasons, we offer a variety of new and delicious vegan-approved meals. What Is Veganism? While vegetarians abstain from meat, veganism takes it a step further – absolutely no animal…

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