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Differences Between an Omelette and a Scrambler

When you’re deciding on breakfast at Colony Diner, the first food that comes to mind is likely eggs. We have many dishes centered around eggs, including omelettes and scramblers, which we call “scramelts”. Both include eggs whisked with other ingredients like cheese, meat and vegetables, served with toast and home fries. Yet beyond these similarities,…

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How to Build the Perfect Breakfast

What’s the most important meal of the day? That’s right – breakfast! A nutritious, fulfilling meal in the morning can help replenish the glucose your body lost during sleep, while also giving you energy for the day. However, not every breakfast staple is the best choice for your morning meal. Here’s how to build the…

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Customizable Breakfast Favorites

The number of taste buds we have varies from person to person. That means we all have unique reactions to different flavors. For instance, you may love the taste of orange juice, while your friend prefers apple. We all want to enjoy the foods we eat. At Colony Diner, you can customize your breakfast to…

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