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spaghetti and meatballsCan’t stop thinking about the candy bar in your bag or the all-day breakfast menu at Colony Diner? It’s common to crave certain foods and the feeling can be hard to ignore.

Cravings may be a sign from your body that something is out of balance. Here are a few common food cravings and the possible meaning behind them.


It’s common to desire a decadent slice of cake or freshly baked cookies. Before you blame your sweet tooth for this craving, your body could be signaling a change in blood sugar levels. When we eat sugary foods, our blood sugar spikes and provides us a burst energy.

However, this is not a long-term solution to stay energized. Adding more protein and fat into your diet is key to beating sugar cravings. They give your body the energy it needs, while steadily preventing a crash.

At Colony Diner, we offer a variety of energizing meals like our High Protein Omelette!


When a bowl of pasta, slice of buttered bread or pizza is on your mind, carb cravings can easily get the best of us. Similar to sugar, we tend to use carbs as a source of fast energy.

If your blood sugar is low, you’re feeling stressed or haven’t consumed enough nutrients during the day, we may turn to carbs to boost our mood. Yet this is not the healthiest option for your body. Instead, try finding more consistent energy through proteins like nuts, beans, meat or fatty fish.

Stop by and enjoy a delicious Broiled Filet of Atlantic Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce!


Before grabbing a bag of potato chips, consider why you’re craving salty snacks. One of the biggest reasons we experience this craving is dehydration. According to Healthline, our body needs to maintain a certain level of fluid to function properly. If those levels fall below, you may start craving salt.

In addition to increasing your daily water intake, eat less processed foods. Cheese and other healthy dairy products are a great way to satisfy your craving, without going overboard. Start your day off with our Cheddar Cheese Casserole!
Whatever you might be craving, we have a huge menu at Colony Diner! Visit us today to find your new favorite meal.