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family packed for a road tripSummer is the season for beach days, backyard barbeques and picnics in the park. When temperatures are high, it’s important to have a plan to keep food fresh and drinks cold.

Whether you are on vacation, planning a pool party or packing food for a camping trip, keep the following tips in mind to stay safe and healthy.

Proper Storage and Serving

Did you know bacteria multiples when it’s warm? According to the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, cases of foodborne illness increase in summer due to the weather.

Before serving, perishable foods should be kept in a cooler below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Once all hot and cold food has been served, nothing should stay out for more than two hours. If the temperature is above 90 degrees, limit exposure time to one hour.

Cooking & Eating Outside

When preparing and serving food outside in the summer heat, it’s critical to know:

  • Internal temperatures for properly cooked meats and poultry
  • Not to use the same platters for raw and cooked foods
  • To always keep hands clean when handling food
  • To serve food on clean plates with clean utensils

Traveling with Food

If you’ll be driving with food and drinks in the car, keep these items in separate coolers to limit the food’s exposure to external temperatures. Your food cooler should be completely filled in with freezer packs and ice to maintain cold temperatures for longer.

Do not put the cooler in the trunk where heat is trapped; keep it close to the air conditioner in the back seat but shaded from the sun. Once you have reached your destination, keep the cooler in a shady area, unless you’re able to unload into a refrigerator.
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