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scrambled tofu“How do you like your eggs?” Your answer to this question defines much of what you eat beyond breakfast, from salads to snacks and baked goods. Perhaps you enjoy egg salad on toast or a vegetable omelet with a side of home fries.

Many vegan options serve as meat substitutes but eggs have also entered the conversation. In this case, tofu can substitute multiple egg preparation methods. Learn more about popular takes on eggs with tofu.

Tofu Scrambles

For breakfast dishes, use a firm or extra-firm tofu to prevent it from liquifying in the cooking process. Scrambled eggs have a slightly creamy yet firm texture. To achieve this consistency with tofu, you will need a few other ingredients:

  • A liquid, like water or a nut-based cream. Liquid breaks up the tofu chunks to create a creamier texture that better resembles eggs
  • Turmeric and nutritional yeast replicate the taste and color of a scrambled egg
  • Salt and pepper further enhance the taste

Stirring these ingredients together gives you a result similar to this breakfast staple.

In Place of Eggs

Certain recipes call for a hardboiled egg that’s sliced, diced or mixed with other ingredients like mayonnaise and mustard. To replicate the firm texture of a hard-boiled egg, use firm to extra-firm tofu. Popular dishes include tofu egg salad with soy mayo or tahini in place of traditional egg-based mayo or curried tofu egg salad for more spice.


Softer tofu, including silken tofu, turn into a liquid when heated. As such, cooking with water, soy milk or a nut-based substitute creates the foundation for a quiche. To complete the dish, add vegetables, other meat substitutes or non-dairy cheese. This same approach works when making an omelet or frittata.

For Baking

The ability of silken tofu to quickly liquify makes it an ideal substitute for eggs and cream when baking cakes, cookies, brownies and muffins. Tofu is simply curdled soy milk, so heating and adding liquid result in a similar consistency that’s also creamy, moist and rich. In baking, four tablespoons or 1/4 cup of silken tofu can substitute a single egg.

Non-Dairy Smoothies

If you’re looking to blend up a creamy, non-dairy smoothie, mix whipped and pureed silken tofu with your favorite fruits and vegetables.
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