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chef washing vegetablesWorking in the restaurant industry for many years, our staff understands the importance of food safety and takes it very seriously in and out of the kitchen. Unfortunately, food can become contaminated during production, processing or distribution, as well as preparation. Did you know 48 million people (1 in 6) suffer from a food-borne illness annually?

Learn about food safety and how to prevent sickness in your home. 

Sufficient Cooking Time

When cooking meats, understand each type has its own internal temperature that signifies it has been fully cooked. Although steak and certain seafood can be enjoyed raw, meats should be cooked to their minimum temperature before eating:

  • Chicken & Turkey: 165 degrees F
  • Pork: 145 degrees F
  • Fin Fish: 145 degrees F
  • Ground Beef: 160 degrees F
  • Steak: 145 degrees F

View the full chart, including rest times for different meats, here.

Clean Cooking Equipment

When cutting boards, knives and sauté pans are not thoroughly cleaned between and before each use, the contaminants on these surfaces can cause severe food poisoning. Different bacteria, chemical and natural toxins can give someone this sickness. Food handlers can prevent food-borne illness by washing cooking equipment and countertops, rinsing fresh vegetables, cooking meats to their appropriate internal temperatures and refrigerating perishable leftovers within two hours of serving.

Good Hygiene in the Kitchen

Whether you’re a professional chef or an amateur cook, it is essential to wash your hands before, during and after the handling of food. For instance, it is a major food safety concern to touch raw chicken, then grab a handful or greens to make a salad. Poultry can carry salmonella, a bacterial disease commonly caused by contact with raw or undercooked foods.

At Colony Diner & Restaurant, our patrons can rest assured that our cooking staff does everything in their power to safely handle and serve fresh meals. If you have yet to visit us, stop by today! Serving breakfast all day, lunch, daily dinner specials and desserts.