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eggs bacon toast and hashbrownsToday, the potato is the most-consumed vegetable in the United States! Potatoes have stuck around for centuries for their versatility, affordability and ability to keep you full. Whether prepared crispy, crunchy or creamy, learn why potatoes remain a popular breakfast side.

Nutritional Benefits

Potatoes are vegetables and carbohydrates that can keep you satiated. In general, carbohydrates pair well with proteins, like eggs, bacon or sausage to give you energy.

In addition, potatoes are a source of the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin C
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B6
  • Fiber

Sweet potatoes also have some vitamin A and more vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant to help your body manage free radicals and control the effects of oxidative stress.

The English Breakfast

North America’s introduction to the potato as a breakfast staple comes from the British. Similarly to how we start the day with bacon, the English breakfast adds diced and fried potatoes to multiple meats, plus eggs, beans, toast, cooked tomatoes and mushrooms. While not as expansive, this setup ultimately established the template for the modern-day American breakfast.

Multiple Preparation Methods

Open a breakfast menu and you have multiple choices for how you can enjoy potatoes:

  • Home Fries: Similar to the British tradition, these potatoes are cubed and typically pan fried before seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika and garlic. Home fries are a standard breakfast side throughout many parts of the country. They can form the foundation of a breakfast skillet with eggs, meat and vegetables or be added directly to omelets, scramblers or breakfast casseroles.
  • Hashbrowns: Also known as “shreds”, these potatoes are grated and seasoned before fried into a crispy patty. Hashbrowns are another traditional side that can also be used as an alternative to an English muffin for a unique take on Eggs Benedict.
  • Potato Pancakes: This preparation method starts similarly to hashbrowns but the grated potatoes get combined with eggs, onion and flour, then are fried into a golden brown patty.

Repurposing Leftovers

When making breakfast at home, leftover potatoes are easily repurposed as a side or part of the main dish. Based on what you have:

  • Chop up any remaining boiled or baked potatoes from dinner to serve as home fries or add to a breakfast casserole or skillet.
  • If you have mashed potatoes, form them into patties to make quick potato pancakes.
  • Make a crust with leftover mashed potatoes for a single full-size or multiple mini quiches.
  • Try another British-inspired breakfast: Bubble and squeak pairs mashed potatoes and boiled cabbage with peas, onions or Brussels sprouts. Form these ingredients into cakes and fry them in a pan.

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