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fried crispy baconIt’s common to see bacon on the typical diner menu, from a favorite breakfast side to the classic BLT sandwich. Specifically in American cuisine, bacon has also taken several unpredictable paths, from bacon salad dressing to doughnuts and desserts.

Occasionally, American diners also come across Canadian bacon, which is similar to ham and often served in Eggs Benedict dishes. The texture and flavor varies from the crunch and salt of traditional bacon.

Learn more about the differences between American and Canadian bacon.

What Is American Bacon?

Called “streaky bacon” in other countries due to the more prominent presence of fat, the American variety comes from the side or belly of a pig. These thin, rectangular slices are then cured or smoked to enhance the flavor.

American bacon is almost always sold as raw slices to be cooked in a pan, on the griddle or stovetop without the need for oil. The meat gets fried in its own fat to deliver a crispy texture and distinctive smoky taste.

The slices can be eaten as is, added to a sandwich or chopped into smaller pieces as garnish for a salad or dessert.

What Is Canadian Bacon?

Canadian bacon is sourced from the back of a pig. This results in a leaner, ham-like product that’s sold in thicker, pre-cooked round slices. This meat is not typically cured, although it may briefly sit in a brine, which adds a tangier element to the flavor profile.

Traditionally, these slabs are packaged in ground yellow peas or cornmeal, earning it the moniker of “peameal bacon” in Canada.

In terms of preparation, Canadian bacon in America is often reserved for Eggs Benedict or to replicate an English breakfast. The pre-cooked meat doesn’t need to be fried – you can just bake it in the oven! Should you decide to cook it in a pan, some oil is necessary to prevent sticking. Also understand that Canadian bacon won’t get as crispy or crunchy as the American version.

Additional uses for Canadian bacon include:

  • Adding it to omelets or sandwiches as a leaner alternative to American bacon
  • Chopping it up to make a carbonara sauce
  • Frying it lightly and serving it as a breakfast side
  • Preparing a full Irish or English breakfast, complete with beans, sausage, mushrooms, a tomato and fried egg

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